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Mischievous Muses [entries|friends|calendar]
Mischievous Muses

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Introduction [07 May 2006|11:48pm]

Hi, I'm Kelly, and I'm decidedly late with my Intro. Tadaaa!

Artistic Endeavors: Primarily working on my metalwork, doing wire-wrap pendants and starting up again with chainmail. Also, I'm trying to kick myself back into my writing, primarily short stories, but a possible longer work in the wings.

Short Term: To hopefully make at least 1+ jewelry piece and written piece a week.

Long Term: To put together my collection of short stories (once I get them out of my head)

About You: 24 year old Ottawa-based random-artist. Work for an Art convention when it's going, make food when it's not, Study the rest of the time. Avid reader, got an art block between my brain and my hand so I work with words rather than pictures :) I'm also horribly out of practice.
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[07 May 2006|11:22am]

Poetry Reading

Fresh Carnation Scent wafts towards me
While I sit uncomfortable with desructionism
At the Avant-Guard
As black and white European music videos
Play on the T.V. screen
While someone taps the mike
With a ‘one-two-one-two.’

Am I Avant-Guard?
I hadn’t thought I was,
But perhaps destructionism is my trade
As my pen maligns the white parity
Of paper.
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Une sonnet for yous [15 Apr 2006|01:25pm]

Well, heres one I composed yesterday while I was studying. I think this one sums up one of my big questions (and fears) about the nature of carnality and sex overall. Tell me what you think, and be honest and critical. Danke all!

Untitled Sonnet # 4

Come and stay no more enshrouded. Find me?
With soft brushes and the words please bring me
To that point of comprehension where I
Can understand the harmony, my eye
Can see and ear can hear the Music
Of the Spheres in your arms; tiny sounds, quick
Ends. Omnipresent curiosity
Gives ground to ravening ferocity;
You feed me, every touch, grasp, stroke. Hard
To breath, to escape the welling need for
Connection. Locked away in aching shards
Of me. Can I let me free anymore,
has the melody of manna trapped me,
a forever addiction to rapture?
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[04 Apr 2006|09:45am]

[ mood | damn being a mornign person ]

Well, here are three more combined poems. Overall, just called 'The River Poems.' Hm, this place needs un pick me up. We must invite more peoples... well I'll get cracking.

The River Poems

Bottle green
White crested
Spring flow
While two,
Fingers intertwined,
Watch from the bank.


The peaks of waves
Like little
White men
Coursing forward
Through ever-changing
Murky green


Some days,
I think water looks
Like lava
That just forgot
To be hot.

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[27 Mar 2006|01:41am]

Well, here's another one for now. My newest, and oddest. Tis a sonnet, and that's about all I've got to say for now.

Fight the Good Fight

“There are ways to fight the establishment,
Marcie knew she’d come up short this months rent.
Good ways,” she said. “Do something new, something
Missed last months too. Waiting for the phone’s ring…
Bold” –she sipped her water- “Content, format
Get dressed for work, no news about the flat.
Punctuation, all weapons in the fight.
Shrug. Lock the door and go. Cold night tonight.
Post-modernism is freeing, you’re not
Shivering on a corner, waiting again
Trapped by old conventions. More coffee dear?”
For a change of luck, for money, for pot.
A polite no. He departs, rounds the bend
“Hey mister, 20$ for fun.” Nods. They disappear.
- "Qyll" (Meg Y.) 2006
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[26 Mar 2006|11:30am]

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introduction.... [26 Mar 2006|09:47am]

Hi! My name is Lacy, and this is my introduction. Aren't you special?

a bit about your artistic endeavors: drawing, photography, photo manipulation, poetry, prose (mostly short stories), website design
short term: I'm mainly focusing on photo manipulations right now. I hope to enhance my skills in this area, by being critiqued in a helpful manner. :)
long term: I'm hoping to enter ConVersion's art show, as well as Dragon Con's art show, with my photomanipulations.
about you: I'm 23, brown stubble, green eyes. I work at the Calgary Airport, at DairyQueen and Pastel's Cafe. I live in Calgary, Canada, with my parents and a crazy zoo of pets.

to start us off...

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[26 Mar 2006|11:00am]

Hello, My name is Meg, and I guess I'll be the first member to say something here. Overall, if new people could use this post as a guide for their first post, I'd love it.
First, a bit about your artistic endeavours: I write, mostly poetry, and I make jewelry. I might draw or take pictars at certain points, but not often.
Your goals: Short Term: So, I'm here to get good solid critiques on my writing mostly, and on my jewelry. My goal is to be published by the end of this summer, or in the process of. Also, I want to have a steady flow, so I want to try and update with a couple of poems a week. And my overall goals are to be a published writer someday, and perhaps even have a graphic poetry anthology.
About You: I'm 20, have blue eyes and orange hair, attend university for Enlgish and History, and live in Canada.

Yeah, We don't ask for much. However, one thing about this place is, you have to set an updating goal, and we will do our best to keep you to it. (Gentle prodding every so often) It can be daily, weekly, monthly, or you can say, whenever I get the time if you are in a highly time consuming period. Just tell us! This group is here to support the artists' growth and development, so there needs to be critiquing as well as complimenting in order to do this. If you see something you feel is off, say so, and explain WHY. The most important aspect of this board is the WHY. However, this does not allow flames about content, nor about someone who critiqued.
Well, that's all for now. And now, heres an obligatory bit of something. O, and also, when you are asking to hop in with us, it doesn't hurt ot somehow show us your artwork. Link to a skecth journal, deviantart, or just post a picture of your artwork. ANYTHING GOES. It can be drawing, photomanipulation, poetry, puppetry, staindglass... anything. We love it all.

Two Haikus

Why would God give us
The ability to laugh,
If he never does?


Please do excuse my
wandering womb, it’s just an
attack of vapors.
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